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Who we are

Our story is a combination of passion and vision.

It proves that the unique understanding of nature can bring out rare, beautiful things. Serendip Oud productions are creations of the Serendip Thoranagoda plantation to introduce 100% pure, natural, wild Agarwood from Sri Lanka to the UAE and other GCC countries.

Today, Serendip is proud to be named as UAE’s first and only licensed company selling pure Sri Lankan Agarwood and Oud oil. We import and export under Serendip LLC, specifically for Sri Lankan Agarwood. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, making us your go-to source for all things Agarwood. From the heart of the enigmatic and talismanic Oud, the extra rare resinous that forms the highly prized can be only found in our five distinct and exclusive oud oils. Our products range from roots to wood chips.

All our Agarwood is certified by government bodies and we provide the following certificates to all our bulk buyers.

01) CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

02) DFC – Department Of Forest Conservation

03) ITI – Industrial Technology Institute

Our Team
Mr. Asanka Sajeendra Weerasinghe
Founder and Owner
Serendip was created by my team and I in order to bring together our homeland, Sri Lanka with our adopted homeland, the UAE. We decided to introduce Sri Lanka's prized possession, the Gyrinops Walla to the UAE and other GCC countries to whom agarwood and oud oils holds great importance historically. Our primary goal is to establish the presence of Sri Lankan Agarwood in the market by providing our customers with the best quality products.
Mrs. Fatima Milana Weerasinghe
Agarwood is famously dubbed as the scent of heaven, and my team and I are proud to call ourselves the only legal entity in the UAE selling Wallapatta agarwood which is indigenous to Sri Lanka. We will strive to create an impact in the market by making known the value and quality of Sri Lankan agarwood and providing best quality products to our customers.
At Serendip, we believe that only true organic methods will enable us to cultivate and nurture our harvests amidst the perils of excessive consumption to meet the needs of the global market. We have the vision to protect nature and ensure that the role of the tree is continued for the years to come.

Our creativity and innovation together with rare products help us to bring quality Oud to the market while understanding the desire for change in fragrances.


To establish ourselves as the most reliable entity selling pure Sri Lankan Agarwood in the UAE.


To introduce and make known the significance and value of Sri Lankan Agarwood by providing our customers with first-rate, high-quality agarwood at the best possible market price.